Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why no support from Giannoulias for new Ground Zero Greek Orthodox church?

Alexi Giannoulias, the Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Illinois, is a member of the Greek Orthodox faith. He jumped in with both feet to support for the Ground Zero mosque that is also backed by President Obama, but he has not uttered a peep about the slowness of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to approve the building of a Greek Orthodox church next to the former World Trade Center site.

The only place of worship destroyed on 9/11 was St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a small but historically important house of God.

"We have people that are saying, why isn't our church being rebuilt and why is there ... such concern for people of the mosque?" Father Alex Karloutsos told Fox News. He is the assistant to an archbishop, and the Weekly Standard says Giannoulias knows him well.

There is more Giannoulias news: Public Policy Polling added the Favorability/Unfavorability spread from its recent polls and it turns out that the failed mob banker is tied for second as the second least popular candidate running for the Senate this year. His Republican opponent Mark Kirk's numbers aren't great, but he's a lot better than Giannoulias.

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