Thursday, June 24, 2010

DISCLOSE Act closes door on free speech

In what can only be called an attack by liberal Democrats against free speech, the House of Representatives narrowly passed the DISCLOSE Act, which if signed into law will force non-partisan political advocacy groups to disclose their top donors. The bill was written by so-called progressives and Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-DE), in reaction to a recent Supreme Court ruling granting these groups more rights.

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele denounced the bill:

The DISCLOSE Act is just another round of political gamesmanship designed to expand the influence of big labor and liberal special interests while discouraging other groups from engaging in political debate. It is regrettable that Democrats are more focused on blatantly stacking the electoral deck ahead of the midterms than they are about creating jobs and reducing the debt. Instead of trying to undermine the First Amendment for political gain, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi need to set their personal political fortunes aside and start putting the American people first.
Pete Seat, the press spokesman for Republican Indiana US Senate Dan Coats, issued the following statement:

We should enforce our First Amendment rights, not expand federal government requirements meant to discourage free speech and silence voices some incumbents might consider too critical of their records. Congressman Ellsworth's assault on the First Amendment and the right of individuals and organizations to express their thoughts regarding the work elected officials and office seekers are doing is simply unacceptable.
Brad Ellsworth is Coats' Democratic opponent, he was a co-sponsor of the bill. Thirty Democrats voting against the DISCLOSE Act, including two Hoosier Democrats who obviously disagree with Ellsworth.

President Obama called it "a critical piece of legislation." Ugh.

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