Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rep. John Conyers' wife sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

Former Detroit President Pro Tempore Monica Conyers, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for her role in a bribery scandal.

She is the wife of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

There was some drama in the courtroom, as Conyers tried to withdraw her guilty plea, "If I have to I'll go to jail for what I've done, but I won't go for what I didn't do."

The longtime Detroit congressman has not been implicated in his wife's crimes, but I find it odd that the national media has not picked up on this story. After all, federal penitentiaries are under the purview of Conyers' committee.

Does this make Rep. Conyers his wife's landlord?

This is a big story in the Motor City, ABC 7 Detroit live blogged the proceedings.

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Ved said...

very interesting, indeed...

CEW said...

John, saying 37 months is weaker than THREE YEARS. She got THREE YEARS! This is a hideous embarrassment for John Conyers. But I can tell you anyone who has spent any time in southeast lower Michigan or has followed Detroit politics saw this coming.