Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lots of Michigan news: Rep. Cheeks Kilpatrick subpoenaed by grand jury--and more

Now that I've been blogging for five years, I've learned to focus on several states that are news-producers. If you are looking to me for advice on where to find stories, Well, to quote actor Jeff Daniels in his Michigan Economic Development Corporation commercials, "Michigan is where you need to be."

There is plenty of bad news coming out of the state with the nation's highest unemployment rate. Just yesterday former Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore Monica Conyers was sentenced to three years in federal prison for her role in bribery scandal. Her husband is Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees federal penitentiaries.

But there is some good news. Mayor Dave Bing is challenging the city's powerful public sector unions, and the former Pistons great wants to refashion the Motor City into a smaller but better Detroit.

Back to the bad news: Bing's elected predecessor, Kwame Kilpatrick, served a three month prison sentence after pleading guilty to reduced charges. He's in trouble again--for failing to make a $79,000 restitution payment last month.

Now his mother, US Rep. Cheeks Kilpatrick, is making news. She has been subpoenaed by a grand jury. She notified House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the subpoena on March 1, but went public with it only yesterday. Why? Perhaps she was hoping it would be lost amidst the reporting of the Monica Conyers sentencing.

All of these pols are Democrats.

To paraphrase Thomas Franks, "What's the matter with Michigan?"

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