Sunday, March 14, 2010

House Ethics Committee: Please investigate John Conyers

I am absolutely dumbfounded why the news that Monica Conyers will be spending the next three years in prison isn't a national story. She's the wife of House Judiciary Committee John Conyers.

If they were a Republican couple, I'm sure the New York Times would be interested in Ms. Conyers' extended stay in the federal prison system, which is overseen by Mr. Conyers' committee.

Monica is the former president pro tempore of the Detroit City Council; she pleaded guilty to participating in a bribery scandal and was sentenced on Wednesday. John didn't show up at the sentencing.

Detroit News' editorial page editor Nolan Finley is wondering why no challenger for John Conyers' seat has emerged.

Maybe John Conyers is a coward who put politics ahead of his marriage or maybe he just doesn't care anymore.

But Conyers' obstinate refusal to answer questions about whether he benefited financially from his wife's corruption ought to embolden someone to challenge his re-election. It also ought to awaken the House Ethics Committee, considering that Conyers signed a financial disclosure statement declaring neither he nor his wife accepted a gift worth more than $335. The private school tuition paid for Conyers' son by a city contractor surely was worth more than that.

But so far, no challengers.
And so far, no ethics investigation.

Conyers has served in Congress since 1965, and has never faced a serious challenge in his heavily Democratic district.

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At the very front-end of his wife's legal problems, he should've stepped aside. Now that's she's going to the slammer, the "leadership" should demand he step down from the committee.

However, that will never happen.