Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ill. 10th: Beth Coulson, SEIU, and ACORN

Time for a change of pace--and some disclosure. Ill. Rep. Beth Coulson (R-Glenview) is the only politician who has seen me shirtless. Seriously. After I ran on the Thanksgiving Day Tall Trees 5K run a few years ago in Glenview, Coulson was there to get some petition signatures for her reelection effort. It was very cold for that time of the year, and while talking about running (She's a physical therapist) and my fabulous blog, I instinctively removed my sweaty shirt to eliminate that post-run cold and clammy feeling.

She was fine with my shirtlessness, but I'm not okay with her accepting funds from SEIU and ACORN affiliated groups.

I'm not a big fan of ambush interviews, but Conservative Code Red caught Coulson lying about accepting ACORN cash.

Coulson is running for the open Illinois 10th Congressional District--I'm backing Dr. Arie Friedman.

Win or lose, Coulson needs to return those tainted contributions.

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Calculon said...

I wish that I had access to a 10th district poll, because I like Friedman. I just don't want my vote for Friedman to end up being a vote for Coulson, because Dold seems like he is leading the pack.

Friedman and Dold are acceptable to me and I just don't want Coulson to win.