Thursday, December 31, 2009

Online challenge: Donate $20.10 to the Jim Ryan campaign before midnight

On February 2, Illinois voters will head to the polls to select nominees for November's general election.

I have endorsed Jim Ryan for governor, and I'm urging my fellow Republicans to vote for the two-term former attorney general.

The campaign laid down an online challenge today--to get as many people as possible to contribute $20.10 to the Ryan campaign before midnight.

Click here to do so.

Let's take back the state!

And click here to visit the official Jim Ryan site. You'll find Ryan's Facebook group here, and you can follow his tweets here.

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1 comment:

Omnibabe said...

I like Ryan... EXCEPT... I'm not nuts about his proposal to lease the tollway concession to raise funds. Surely Daley's mucking up both the Skyway and the parking meter concessions should be a cautionary tale? Just look at how fast parking meter fees in the and tolls on the Skyway have escalated!