Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Upper Peninsula Upventure: L'Anse Indian Reservation

There are several Indian reservations on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but the only one I traveled through was the L'Anse Indian Reservation on Lake Superior's Keweenaw Bay.

The reservation consists of 54,000 acres.

But the L'Anse Native Americans themselves at Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians, although I for the most part heard the Chippewas called Ojibwa when I was on the U.P.

The red building is a retail store on the reservation, the banner with black letters reads "Honor Treaty Rights."

There are some Indian-owned casinos on the Upper Peninsula. Gambling and casinos don't interest me, and besides, casinos aren't friendly to cameras. This ends my discussion of them.

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L'Anse sucks.