Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jim Ryan opposes transfer of Gitmo terrorists to Illinois

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan, who is endorsed by this blog, issued the following statement about the proposed transfer of Guantanamo Bay terrorists to Thomson, Illinois.

While the issue of jobs is extremely important to our economy, protecting the public is the number one responsibility of government. I oppose bringing al-Qaeda terrorists to northern Illinois not because we can't house them safely but because their relocation here could put the region in the crosshairs of other acts of terror. The federal government should look for other options.

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1 comment:

Greybeard said...

Ryan is not a good name to have if you're running for Gov.
George made sure of that.
Another Ryan was married to an statuesque actress from Paducah, KY named Jeri and tried to get her to do kinky things with friends for his entertainment...
Is this that guy?
If so, why doesn't he just leave the race now and save himself a bunch of money and save the rest of us the trouble and disappointment of running another loser as a republican candidate?

If he's not Jeri's former husband, he should change his name to something that'll get him elected...
"Daley" for instance.