Monday, November 30, 2009

British ObamaCare update: Late cancer diagnosis kills 10,000 a year

Does any rational person believe that government can do a better job at health care than private hospitals?

The Daily Mail reports on the latest British government-run health care failure.

Late diagnosis of cancer needlessly kills up to 10,000 patients every year, the Government's director of cancer services has revealed.

Professor Mike Richards will this week unveil a shocking study of the three deadliest forms--lung, bowel and breast cancer--showing that early detection could save twice as many lives as previously thought.

He blamed the 'unacceptable' situation on both GPs and patients who fail to seek medical attention in time.

Professor Richards said: 'Efforts now need to be directed at promoting early diagnosis for the very large number of patients--over 90 per cent--who are diagnosed as a result of their symptoms rather than by screening.'

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