Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Melissa Bean's cowardly "town hall" tonight

While driving around Marathon Pundit-land, I switched on Mancow Muller's WLS-AM show, and found out that alleged-Blue Dog Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL) will be holding a conference call "town hall" meeting.

Can anyone participate?


I just called Bean's office, and a nervous man answered the phone that the list of names of people who have contacted Bean's office in the past can participate in tonight's call.

I asked her staffer if I could be added right now, he said that "It was too late, the list for tonight's call has already been submitted to a private company.

Bean is a coward, plain and simple.

But if you are on Bean's contact list, you will receive a call between 8:20pm and 8:30pm CDT this evening. Answer that call.

Bean voted for both the $787 billion stimulus bill and the national energy tax, better known as cap and trade. She's considering a second stimulus.

Thanks for Marathon Pundit reader Ann, one of Bean's constituents, for filling in some of the details for this post.

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Kevin said...

Not holding a town hall meeting in person is a disgrace. The solutions of 1) appearing before the Chamber of Commerce and charging a fee to see you and not allowing non-Chamber members to attend, and 2) holding a telephone meeting where you limit freedom of speech, limit the number of participants, do not announce the meetings in advance, and try to control the topics and input are both a joke.

You are paid to represent the people of this district and these actions will only mean that you do want the job. I suggest you resign now and allow us a representative that is involved, listens, and reflects our views. If not, we will make sure that you will not be there when Congress convenes in January 2011.

Geoff White said...

I am on that "call list." I called yesterday to get myself on it. It's 8:33pm and so far, no call.

Geoff White said...

I am on that "call list." So far, 8:34pm and no call.

Geoff White said...

I'm on the call right now.

Lennie said...

I just posted about my call from Bean ( She is ducking the constituents she doesn't want to talk to.

John Ruberry said...

Good work, guys. Keep me posted. I'll be checking your blog, Lennie.