Friday, May 08, 2009

SEIU's influence being felt: Obama administration threatening to yank stimulus funds from California

The powerful Service Employees International Union is throwing its weight around now that the Democrats control Washington.

SEIU represents many government workers. When it pushes its agenda within the public sector--which is centered on getting as many dues paying members as possible--the union is listened to by Democratic politicians. SEIU donates liberally to Democrats.

California is essentially broke, and like any business looking to pare expenses during tough economic times, it is looking at cutting payroll costs.

Home health care workers, many of whom are represented by SEIU, have a pay cut staring at them in the face. The Democratic-controlled legislature passed a budget that slashes their wages by twenty percent.

You can't win them all.

Or can you?

As SEIU boasts in a press release, it gave a "shout out" to the biggest Democratic combine of all--the Barack Obama administration.

And now the administration is threatening to withhold stimulus funds from California, stating that these cuts violate a clause from the stimulus bill.

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