Friday, April 17, 2009

More on Stroger's cousin and her busboy

Out of five million Cook County residents, County Board President Todd Stroger, who Barack Obama enthusiastically endorsed in 2006, "The Toddler" chose his first cousin, Donna Dunnings to serve as chief financial officer.

That's why I call Cook County government America's worst.

Former University of Georgia basketball player Tony Cole was Dunnings' administrative assistant, he was making $58,000 a year.

Here's what the Chicago Sun-Times says:

Stroger personally hired Cole in October after meeting the then-busboy while dining at Ruth's Chris Steak House in River North.

That's right. A busboy.


Cole got promoted to higher paying county jobs even though he was arrested in November and again in January for violating an order of protection against an ex-girlfriend that he pleaded guilty to punching in the face.

Dunnings put up Cole's bail both times he was arrested for violating the protection order. On Nov. 20, Dunnings paid $1,000 to bail Cole out of jail. And on Jan. 23 — after Cole's total bond was increased to $40,000 — Dunnings put another $3,000 of the bail on credit cards, according to court records.

Cole said Dunnings bailed him out because he she was his boss and he "begged and begged and cried and cried and told her I would pay her back." She described herself as a mentor and boss to Cole — nothing more.

Sheesh! Perhaps we should organize another tea party just on this pathetic joke known as Cook County government.

As for Cole, he was fired last week for not disclosing his past criminal convictions. Maybe Ruth's Chris Steakhouse will take him back.

Back to the County...don't the jackals who run it do background checks on the people they hire?

Retail chains do.

Stroger asked for Dunnings resignation yesterday, she complied.

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