Friday, April 10, 2009

Judge throws out Thomas Klocek case against DePaul--appeal planned

This one hurts. A lot.

On September 15, 2004, longtime DePaul University adjunct Professor Thomas Klocek took part in a spirited out-of-classroom discussion with some Muslim DePaul students over Palestinian-Israeli political issues. Klocek defended Israeli actions against terrorists; the students, unaccustomed to having their views challenged, complained to his dean and succeeded in having Klocek dismissed from the Catholic college after 15 years of service.

The Chicago native had always received high evaluation scores from his students.

Klocek filed a defamation and invasion of privacy suit against DePaul a year later. The first two judges assigned to the case ruled that it should proceed to trial. But last month--four years after Klocek sued--Cook County Circuit Court Judge Charles Winkler dismissed the case.

Andy Norman of Chicago's Mauck & Baker is Klocek's attorney--he plans to appeal. Norman stated, "We believe that Winkler is in error and are confident we will have his decision reversed in the appellate court. We still look forward to a public trial where DePaul students and the public can judge for themselves whether certain administrators silenced Tom Klocek because a few Muslim activists wanted his opinions repressed."

I've spoken to Klocek many times about the events of September 15, 2004 and I'm firmly convinced that DePaul trashed his academic career to placate a noisy group of students who view themselves, wrongly, as a protected class.

Winkler is a graduate of DePaul's College of Law.

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So sorry about this, John. I was just talking to Andrea about Klocek yesterday. If you think he'd like to talk about this, he's welcome on our show anytime. Let us know.

Marathon Pundit said...

Thanks for your support, Dave.

Radio Patriot said...

Ditto what Dave said. We sympathize with Dr. Klocek, and he's welcome to come on to discuss this anytime.

Please send him our regards,


Pam M. said...

What an injustice! I hope the appeal is a successful one. Colleges are no longer institutions of learning, but ideological cesspools.

pathickey said...

Justice has nothing to do at Catholic Universities these days - it's all PC and Group think.

I am sorry for the silencing of this voice against Islamo-Fascism, in Dr. Klocek.

Greybeard said...

Vote with your feet, and your pocketbook. Many Notre Dame alums intend to do just that. ND will feel the pain of their "PC" thinking soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. The tide is turning on those who feel entitled and above the constitution. I have confidence in your appeal.

Pat said...

Sorry to hear about this as well, John. Professor Klocek was railroaded.