Monday, February 23, 2009

Better Government Association calls for Burris to quit

After a quiet day on the Roland Burris beat, things are heating up again for America's least popular senator.

In a press release, Dave Lundy, the acting director of the Better Government Association, had this to say:

"Senator Burris has stated that the media is to blame for his troubles and that he's done nothing wrong. We could not disagree more.

Given his bizarre statements this past week, we're left with only two choices. Either he fails to understand why attempting to raise money for a corrupt governor while lobbying that governor for his appointment to the Senate is wrong, or, in his attempts to cover up his misconduct, he has lost track of his own tangled web of deception and lies. Either way, he is clearly unfit to serve even one more day as senator.

What is most appalling in this case is that Senator Burris is the former Attorney General of Illinois; the highest law enforcement officer in the State. Of all people, he should have known better. The people certainly deserve better. In this time of crisis, let's end this sideshow and allow the people of Illinois to be fully represented.

Every day we teach our children not to lie. Why should we accept less from our elected officials? Enough is enough. It's time for Senator Burris to go."

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