Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Chicago Tribune looking for best local blogs

I wasn't aware that the Chicago Tribune is looking for the area's best blogs.

Gee, why hasn't Marathon Pundit been nominated?

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Poi.ball.2 said...

I wasn't even aware Chicago had any OTHER local blogs.

Mr. Right said...

You've been nominated pending "approval" of the following sure-to-be controversial comments:

"I hereby nominate the finest political blog in all of Chicago:

John Ruberry, the indispensable Marathon Pundit

His coverage of the local corrupto-crats, from Blago to Rezko to Todd Stroger to Obama's seedy "friends" has been nothing short of spectacular for the last several years. This guy is more of a journalist than most so-called journalists employed by the mainstream media nowadays!

Keep after them, John! We love you!"

More than happy to do it, you deserve far more recognition than you'll ever get!


Contacted the Trib, posted and Tweeted!!

Jim Roper said...

Milk, it does a body good!

Jim Roper said...

Roland down the street, smoking
ceegar, sipping on gin and juice.
Laid back, with his mind on his
money, and his money on his mind.