Tuesday, July 22, 2014

(Photo) Orange Jewelweed

What is that small, lily-like orange flower that is blooming now in Chicago's suburbs? It's an Orange Jewelweed, a member of the impatiens family.

This wildflower was photographed while I was being attacked by mosquitoes at Camp Pine Woods near Des Plaines.

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ObamaCare dealt huge legal blow

The Obama-cized IRS again finds itself in trouble. And  the unpopular ObamaCare law is in peril.

From Fox News:
A powerful federal appeals court dealt a major blow to ObamaCare on Tuesday, ruling against the legality of some subsidies issued to people through the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

A three-judge panel ruled 2-1 on Tuesday that the IRS went too far in reinterpreting the language in ObamaCare to extend subsidies to those who buy insurance through the federally run exchanges, known as HealthCare.gov.

The case, Halbig v Sebelius, is one of the first major legal challenges that cuts to the heart of the Affordable Care Act by going after the legality of massive federal subsidies and those who benefit from them.

In the case, the plaintiff claimed the Obama administration – in particular, the Internal Revenue Service -- is breaking the law by offering tax subsidies in all 50 states to offset the cost of health insurance. The suit maintains that the language in ObamaCare actually restricts subsidies to state-run exchanges -- of which there are only 14 -- and does not authorize them to be given in the 36 states that use the federally run system, commonly known as HealthCare.gov.
While I laud the decision, this is a lesson for legislators who ram through complicated bills they haven't bothered to read.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Twins separated at birth: Democrat Paul Vallas and East Germany's Walter Ulbricht

Spy magazine used to run a "Twins Separated at Birth" feature.

Here's mine

First is Walter Ulbricht, the dictator who misruled East Germany who behind the building of the Berlin Wall.

And now Paul Vallas, the Democratic nominee for Illinois' lieutenant governor and of course the running mate of  the hapless Governor Pat Quinn.

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(Classic car) 2005 Porsche Carrera 997

When a car is a Porsche, it is always a classic car. Parked yesterday in Morton Grove's St. Paul Woods was a 2005 Porsche Carrera 997. This vehicle also goes by the moniker 911.

The color is Lapis Blue Metallic.

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Bloody Chicago: 4 dead, at least 39 wounded over weekend

Chiraq once again lived up to its name this past weekend. Four Chicagoans were murdered and another 39 were wounded. The saddest murder was that of an 11 year-old West Side girl who was killed by a stray bullet that went through a bedroom window.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Illegal immigrant from Lebanon suspected in deaths of two Irish soldiers arrested

An alleged terrorist from Lebanon--an illegal immigrant who entered the nation on another man's passport, may finally face justice.

From the Irish Herald:
A Lebanese man suspected of kidnapping and murdering two Irish peacekeeping soldiers more than three decades has been arrested in the United States.

Mahmoud Bazzi was detained in Michigan over immigration issues and faces possible deportation.

Mr Bazzi is the prime suspect in the murders of Pte Thomas Barrett and Pte Derek Smallhorne in the Lebanon in April 1980.

The only soldier to survive a kidnapping in Lebanon, John O'Mahony, said he was "overjoyed" to hear of Mr Bazzi's arrest.
Bazzi sells ice cream from a truck. Yep, an ice cream man. He lives in Dearborn, Michigan, which is not a stranger to extremism.

The Irish soldiers were also tortured. Bazzi faces a deportation hearing this week. Let's hope he's shipped to Ireland.

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