Friday, October 31, 2014

New Mexico Spaceport Virgin Galactic uses received taxpayer funds

Marathon Pundit in
New Mexico
News was dominated today by the fatal crash of a test flight of a Virgin Galactic flight in the Mojave Desert.

Virgin Galactic is part of Billionaire Richard Branson's empire, the goal of this enterprise is to serve as a space tourism junket for rich slobs like global-warming believer Leonardo DiCaprio. 

How much greenhouse gas does a spaceship emit before it leaves the Earth's atmosphere?

I've wandered a bit into the desert. 

Virgin Galactic is a tenant of Spaceport America, which is in southern New Mexico. Voters in two Land of Enchantment counties foolishly approved taxes--$40 million worth--to fund the hangar for space junkets for the rich. 

Why couldn't Branson and DiCaprio cough up the money instead?

Autumn red and brown and blue sky

There is a lot of red and brown in this picture. The red comes from various oak trees and the brown from native prairie grasses.

The the beautiful blue sky just happened to be there.

Photographed Tuesday at Morton Grove's Miami Woods.

Great New York Times headline: Voters in Illinois governor’s race to choose ‘Failure’ or the ‘Billionaire’

Considering the source, today's New York Times article isn't a half-bad analysis of the Illinois' governor's race. Although the NYT, as is its wont, just had to inject race into the discussion: Voters in Illinois governor's race to choose 'Failure' or the 'Billionaire.'

Illinois patriots: Don't vote for the failure. Choose success and Republican Bruce Rauner on Tuesday.

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Global warming news: Record setting Halloween snow in Chicago

I'm looking out of my window right now. It's snowing. On Halloween.

Earlier today the official Chicago weather station at O'Hare International Airport measured one-tenth of an inch of snow--the most snow on record for October 31.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black, Democratic professor: Reagan did more for black education than Obama

Reagan banner,
Eureka College
Who did more for the education of African-Americans? Was it president who graduated from tiny Eureka College in Illinois? Or was it the one currently in office with two Ivy League degrees.

A former black educator says it was the former.

From CBS Washington DC:
A former history and African Studies professor at historically black Delaware State University blames President Obama for undermining the education of black students.

"When President Obama came into office it seemed as though the progressive, liberal Democrats [had] some type of concerted effort to accelerate the removal of African-Americans in these schools," Dr. Jahi Issa told Campus Reform. "Now under President Obama we are starting to see the decline of African-Americans in traditionally white schools. It didn't start with Obama but it did accelerate with Obama."

At the same time, Issa credits President Reagan with doing more to help fund black teachers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

"African-Americans need to know that it was the Republicans, it was conservatives, the father of contemporary conservatism, President Ronald Reagan, who signed for the protection of HBCUs," Issa added. "He did that. It wasn’t the liberal Democrats and Republicans need to point this out throughout this upcoming 2016 midterm election. They have to make this known because a lot of people don't know this."
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(Video) Illinois voter sees vote switched from GOP to Democrat

Man goes beyond his own decision
Gets caught up in the mechanism
Of swindlers who act like kings
And brokers who break everything

"Scarlett Tide," lyrics by Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett

Everything is broken in Illinois. And we've had enough of swindlers.

Watch as a voter in the Quad Cities tries to vote for two Republican candidates.

And it's not just happening in the Quad Cities.

From Breitbart:
The Cook County Clerk's office told non-profit monitor Illinois Watchdog that the voting machine experienced a "calibration error" that "improperly assigned" Moynihan's vote. A similar calibration error seems to be at issue in Rock Island County. Schilling claimed last week to have received "17 calls of people saying the exact same thing."

#ThrowbackThursday: Pat Quinn said his massive tax hike would be temporary

I've brought this point up several times but Illinois is in perilous condition because of 12 years of mismanagement by Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn.

As for the latter, Quinn rammed through the General Assembly--with no Republican votes--a massive 67 percent increase in the state income tax, which the governor said would only be temporary.

Quinn wants to make that tax, which is dragging down the Land of Lincoln's economy, permanent.

I have a better idea--vote for Republican Bruce Rauner, who wants to phase out the Quinn tax increase.

To follow Rauner on Facebook, click here. To follow him on Twitter, click here.

To contribute to the Rauner campaign, click here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Safe" Democratic territory now in jeopardy

The House will get redder after Election Day?

How red?

The Democrats are now forced to defend districts once thought safe.

From ABC News:
In one sign of Democratic concern, Vice President Joe Biden was heading to Massachusetts on Wednesday for a rally with Seth Moulton, who is trying to hold onto a Democratic seat against Republican Richard Tisei. Then Biden was traveling to California on Saturday to campaign in an open-seat contest east of Los Angeles that surprisingly looks closer than a sure-fire Democratic gain.

"Heck, it's been so long since a Republican was elected to the Congress in Massachusetts, most Republicans don't know how to spell Massachusetts," joked Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He said the GOP is spending 78 percent of its independent money in districts that Obama won.

National Democrats are coordinating with local campaigns in Nevada, Hawaii and California in hopes of holding seats.

In one example, the Democratic committee has bought $99,000 in radio ads for eight-term Rep. Lois Capps in her Santa Barbara-area race against Chris Mitchum, the son of the late actor Robert Mitchum. The GOP candidate has relatively little money still on hand for his campaign — $96,108 — but the contest is considered close.

Fall colors at Lincoln Avenue's terminus

One of Chicago's most-famous streets--Lincoln Avenue--has its terminus at Dempster Steet in Morton Grove.

Here's how it looked a few days ago.

"Green" Asian carp processing plant that smells may move

Illinois River at Ottawa
Despite it's use of  "green-technology," an Asian carp processing plant Grafton, Illinois is giving off noxious odors, despite promises that it wouldn't stink.

Decay is natural, by the way.

KDSK-TV is reporting that the owners of the plant, who have been given 30 days by local officials to to eliminate the smell, are now looking to swim out of the downstate Illinois River town.

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Town gives green technology Asian carp processing plant 30 days to get rid of foul odor or be closed