Friday, November 28, 2014

And what does Michael Brown's death have to do with protesting Black Friday?

Happy Holidays!
Well, at least the looting seems to have stopped.

On the other hand, activists on Thanksgiving night were urging consumers outside St. Louis area stores not to shop on Black Friday as a way to protest Michael Brown's death.

On the surface this agitation makes no sense, but as leftists say, "the issue is never the issue." They grab whatever bits of discord to advance their cause--which is the destruction of capitalism.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Linne Woods Prairie on Thanksgiving

This is what I saw at Linne Woods Prairie during a Thanksgiving Day run.

Nearly 20 percent of Americans on food stamps at Thanksgiving

While I'm thankful we have a food stamp program for the truly needy, I find it hard to believe that twenty percent of Americans really qualify for that program.

From CNS News:
Nearly one in five U.S. households will celebrate Thanksgiving on food stamps this year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on participation in the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program.

Back in fiscal 2000, there were 106,061,000 households in the United States and, according to a USDA report published in November 2012, there was a monthly average of 7,335,000 households—or 6.9 percent—getting food stamps that year.
As you can well imagine, food stamp usage skyrocketed after Barack Obama--the food stamp president--was sworn in.

However, the Democrats are thankful that are economy is "back on track."

During Ferguson riots, 2 Americans killed in Afghanistan fighting for our freedom

Freedom isn't free. And the fight for it continues even as ungrateful Americans riot.

From Leada Gore on
The entire country knows Michael Brown's name.

They probably don't know the name Wardell Turner. Or Joseph Riley.

On Monday night, even as Ferguson, Missouri erupted in violence, two American soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The two soldiers - one black, one white - were killed fighting for the freedoms to march, to assemble, to speak out and to protest.

The Pentagon has yet to confirm the names of the soldiers, but families of both men have spoken to the press.
Turner was a native of Maryland, Riley was from Ohio. May they rest in peace.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Friends, please have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Enjoy these wild turkeys I found at Zion National Park a few years ago.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson: 45 arrested in second night of protests; cop car torched

Events went much better during last night's protests in Ferguson, Missouri. There were no reports of looting, but a police car was set on fire. Still, 45 people were arrested.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson riots cause postponement of St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade

Rioting turkeys
Because of the ongoing Ferguson riots Explore St. Louis announced via Twitter that the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Gateway City has been postponed because of "unrest in our community." No make-up date has been announced.

The rioters' havoc continues.

Of course for many Ferguson business owners and their employees, there is clearly less to be thankful for this year.

(Video) Bill Whittle: The Open Road--How Cars Embody Freedom

PJTV's Bill Whittle is right. As someone who lives just a couple of blocks from an interstate highway, the power of knowing that I can hop in my car and be far away quickly is a wonderful freedom to cherish.

I&M Canal NHC at 30: Utica sunset

Since Starved Rock is the crown jewel of Illinois state parks, it needs a gateway town as the major national parks have, such as Gatlinburg outside of Smoky Mountain national Park.

Starved Rock has one, North Utica, but it usually just goes by Utica.

After spending time at Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Park, I drove north at dusk to that gateway.

I've seen many YouTube videos of boat motors inciting Asian carp--which comprise 70 percent of the fish biomass of the Illinois River--to madly jump out of the water. But this boat and all of the others I saw on the Illinois failed to send the invasive species airborne.

In the background is Plum Island.

Moonrise over Dee Bennett Road. Later that night there was a total lunar eclipse.

Sunset on the Illinois River.

Our old friend, the Illinois & Michigan Canal, has been missing for the last several National Heritage Corridor posts, but here it is in the center of Utica.

Next: Wild Bill Hickok

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Global warming news: Ice closes upper Mississippi river, earliest on record

As with last fall, global warming is back with a vengeance with an early winter. As Warner Todd Huston reports, the upper Mississippi River is closed to barge traffic--too much ice. This is the earliest time on record the northern Mississippi has been shut down.