Friday, December 26, 2008

Spotlight on Schakowsky exposes an earmark problem

President-elect Barack Obama's staff submitted a list of candidates for Illinois' vacant US Senate seat. One name on that was Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), my far-Left congresscritter.

Doug Ross has an excellent rundown of Schakowsky's largerly overlooked past, including her husband's felony conviction.

But there's an earmark issue for the Evanston Democrat, Ross reports:

Rep. Schakowsky authored a 2009 earmark for another Chicago-area nonprofit called The Save A Life Foundation (SALF), which is described on her website as a "Community Response Systems Initiative". What the... ?

A 2006 ABC investigation revealed that while Save a Life received millions of dollars in government funds and corporate donations, it made a series of "misleading claims [including] deceptive credentials that raise doubts about [its] integrity, funding and training." According to ABC, founder Carol Spizzirri represented herself as a registered nurse specializing in kidney transplants. But ABC claims she never received a degree of any kind nor was she ever registered as a nurse.

Red County has more.

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Mike said...

Meet the secretary of SALF, and plunge into the likes of Cicero and Bolingbrook.

You will find corruption that leads to a Illinois supreme court justice.

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