Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Blago! Free Blago!

Here's what friend-of-the-blog Doug Ross has to say about my put-upon governor, Rod Blagojevich:

The man is innocent. Innocent as the driven snow, I say! You can show your support by adding a FREE BLAGO blog widget to your blog and other electronic correspondence.

Or Christmas cards.

Click here to grab the widget. No "pay to play" needed.

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Jim Roper said...

Maybe Pat Quinn will free Blago.

Anonymous said...

I have a flatulent Blog.

Anonymous said...

David Axelrod rules!

Anonymous said...

Grow some jewels Mr. Pundit!

Anonymous said...

You are a biggot Mr. Pundit, you
praise a man like G.W. Bush who
has helped put this country in the
red. The Rod Blagojevich scandel is
kitten play compared to the mess
your boy George W. is leaving
behind!!! Anyone who posts a
comment that doesn't match your
views you delete! Way to go Pundit,
Marathonh8tr had you pegged you
truly do SUCK!!! It's not any
surprise you're tracking anonymous
commenters. It kinda defeats the
purpose of having the anonymous
option on the blog!