Monday, June 30, 2008

Wesley the whacko

Retired General Wesley Clark, former supreme NATO commander, appeared on CBS' Face The Nation yesterday, where he denigrated John McCain's military experience--although the onetime Democratic presidential candidate did admit the Arizona senator was a war hero--and he went on to tout Barack Obama's judgement.

Clark, whose 2004 campaign included Michael Moore as one of his prominent supporters, has precious little good judgement of his own.

He was the commander of NATO forces during the Kosovo conflict, and during a fog of war moment, just may have come close to starting World War III. A sober-minded British general talked some sense into Clark, and the Third World War was avoided.

In the picture is judgement-man Clark in 1994. Then a lieutenant general, Clark is smiling after exchanging hats with Serbian general Ratko (What a name!) Mladic. He was indicted for various war crimes, including genocide, a year later. Mladic is now a fugitive.

Wesley Clark has judgement--bad judgement.

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Pam said...

Wesley Clark's judgment came into question the moment he jumped on Obama's bandwagon.