Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome Michelle Malkin readers (and others)

The Bill Ayers stomping on Old Glory, is one post below. Here are a collection some of my other Ayers-related posts, dating back to 2006:

Bill Ayers finally getting the attention he so richly deserves
Sunday's Trib and Bill Ayers
Obama plans defense against "Swift Boat" tactics
The Daley family, the Ayers family, and the Land of Coincidences
Airing out the Ayers story
Obama's other radical friends: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
Weather Underground's 1970 Declaration of War on "Amerika"
It was thirty eight years ago yesterday...
Weather Underground's 2008 Tragical History Tour
Something in the Ayers last night for Obama
Obama visited home of ex-Weather Underground terrorists in '90s
Obama's Bill Ayers problem (With 72 comments)
Jonah Goldberg: Left wing terrorists never have to say "sorry"
Axelrod throws Ayers ball on ex-terrorist
University of Illinois at Chicago's Bill Ayers: Not a jarhead
The Weather Underground and Ward Churchill-UPDATED!
Bernardine Dohrn watch
David Horowitz says you should know about Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayers
Moron Professor Bill Ayers
More on Bill Ayers' wife, Bernadine Dohrn
Update on another campus radical: Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground

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pathickey said...

Well done once again Rubes!

Marathon Pundit said...

Hey thanks...did you see I plugged your novel in my first Guam post?