Tuesday, April 01, 2008

George Ryan endorses Barack Obama

The endorsement bandwagon continues for Barack Obama. This time it's a Republican, sort of, former Illinois Governor George H. Ryan, who is now incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institute in Terre Haute.

I called Ryan last night, and he dropped the bombshell on me. He explained, "You know, conservatives always called my a RINO, a Republican-in-name-only, and I guess they're right."

Ryan added, "Since my imprisonment, I've realized that not only am I not a Republican, but I think the time is now for 'Change we can believe in.'"

More from the ex-governor: "That's why I'm for Obama. Plus, I'm only making pennies an hour here, and perhaps Obama can get me a raise."

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Have a wonderful April Fool's Day!

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pathickey said...

Too Funny! Rubes, that would just about make sense these days.


Anonymous said...

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