Thursday, January 25, 2007

Union membership continues to slide

Next month in Chicago the first round of aldermanic elections take place in the city's 50 wards.

In about a dozen of those wards, canvassers from the Service Employees International Union are knocking on doors, trying to convince voters to toss out aldermen who voted the "wrong way" on the big-box retail "living wage" ordinance.

We'll know soon what clout the SEIU, as well as the labor movement in general, has in Chicago.

However, SEIU and other labor unions can't be too happy with this new Bureau of Labor Statistics report on labor union membership.

According to the BLS, just 12 percent of the workforce, the lowest percentage recorded since such statistics have been recorded.

In the public sector, the percentage of union member is much higher according to the same report, 36.2 percent.

That figure at least partially explains the general inefficiency of the government work force.

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