Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Obama reserves Springfield's Old State Capitol building for presidential announcement

The Obama camp hasn't officially announced anything, but according to AP, Barack's campaign staff has reserved the Old State Capitol Building on February 10 in Springfield, Illinois to announce his entry into the presidential race.

What time that day? No one is saying. Inside or outside? Dunno.

I was in the building a month ago...it is tiny, so I can't imagine the festivities taking place inside there. I mean, look at the bus and the building!

He'll announce outside is my guess. However, T.S. Eliot may have written April is the cruelest month, but the English poet never traveled to Central Illinois in February and had to suffer through one of its famous ice storms.

The Old State Capitol is where Abraham Lincoln made his famous "House Divided" speech. It's within walking distance of the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Lincoln's old law office.

Oh, the 198th anniversary of Lincoln's birth will be two days after the Obama announcement.

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Anonymous said...

How does one reserve the Old State Capitol building?