Monday, January 22, 2007

Coming soon: Another dose of "Hillary Care"

Maybe Hillary Clinton doesn't want to win the presidency. "Hillary Care" brings back some bad memories for a lot of people, and a reasonable person could argue that it was Hillary Rodham Clinton who ushered in twelve years of Republican rule in the House of Representatives by way of her proposed health care reform in 1994.

This story comes from The Hill, not Fox News, or Insight.

Former President Clinton has signaled privately that his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), will include aggressive healthcare proposals in her campaign for the White House, despite the debacle of what critics labeled "Hillary Care" 14 years ago.

In remarks to Democratic operatives last month, the ex-president caused a buzz by strongly defending the substance of his wife’s 1990s plan, claiming it was a moderate, private-sector approach grossly mischaracterized by its critics.

The former president’s statements, delivered during a Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) conference at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., have been interpreted as signaling that candidate Clinton could revive aspects of her 1993-94 approach that was vilified by Republicans and health-industry groups.

Check this part out:
"She’s going to reject advice to avoid the issue," (a) consultant said. "Only people in Washington think that people who have tried and not succeeded shouldn't try again."

It's going to be fun covering this campaign.

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