Monday, December 18, 2006

Tehran Times interviews madman and Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson

One of the vilest people on the planet is Robert Faurisson, a French Holocaust denier. He was one of the speakers at last week's shameless "Holocaust Conference."

Here are is an excerpt of some recent spewings, courtesy of the Tehran Times:

This conference is a big and nice surprise. I had never thought that there could be such a thing. I was really pessimistic. When for the first time I heard that President Ahmadinejad said that the Holocaust was a myth, I was so surprised. I wondered if Iran would exist anymore. I thought that the U.S. or Western countries would try to destroy this country because the belief in the Holocaust is the central pillar of the West and the world. To say that it is a myth is something extremely dangerous. I, as a researcher, might say that it is a myth, but for the head of a state it is extremely dangerous. But he did it.

Can I say something more?

I think that the year 2006 will be counted in history as a very important year because a country called Iran said no to Bush and yes to revisionists. It is marvelous.

He goes on to say...

President Ahmadinejad has used the right word. The alleged Holocaust of the Jews is a myth. That is a belief maintained by credulity or ignorance. It does not mean that the people who believe it are liars. They are not liars, but they are believers.

Prior to 9/11, Noam Chomsky's involvement in defending Faurisson was helpful in achieving the almost-happy ending of marginalizing Chomsky into a 1960s relic. (Chomsky's rosy views on post-Vietnam War Indo-China were admittedly a bigger factor in the linguist's temporary fall from grace.) But Faurisson is still vomiting nonsense, and Chomsky's relevance is once again a burden upon humanity.

What a sick world we live in.

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