Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Internet error moves Edwards announcement up one day

It seems to me that John Edwards has trouble hiring quality staff. Last month, an apparently errant staffer tried to pull some strings with a North Carolina Wal-Mart to cut-in-line and get a just-released PlayStation3 for Edwards kids--on the same day the former senator along with Barack Obama participated in a conference call with the anti Wal-Mart group Wake Up Wal-Mart.

Too-early uploading of news is a common problem among bloggers and mainstream media sites. To date haven't made that error, but it's bound to happen to me one day. I receive quarantined press releases, and I've been quite diligent about posting them at the agreed-upon-time. Just last week I had one of those, and a big-deal Chicago paper had in on their site hours beforehand.

Back to Edwards and his webmaster. Making a mistake like this one--posting a day early a summary of Edwards announcement that he'll be running for president--that is, the announcement--is an inexcusable mess-up.

What the webmaster can fall back on is this fact: Everyone already knew Edwards was running.

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