Friday, October 20, 2006

George Michael: Marijuana keeps me sane, smokes joint on camera

I'm not confident about taking the advice from someone who once was caught in a public washroom while "touching himself," in regards to issues of mental health, but one-time pop star George Michael thinks differently, bbviously.

From Reuters:

Pop star George Michael said smoking cannabis kept him "sane and happy" and appeared to light up a joint during an interview on ITV, ITV said on Friday.

The comments have landed the former Wham! frontman in hot water with mental health groups and drug charities concerned about the message Michael's comments will send to young people.

"All drugs have potential to harm and that is the principal message we need to get across," William Butler, spokesman for the Addaction drugs charity, told the Evening Standard.

A spokeswoman for the 43-year-old singer, who recently embarked on a comeback tour, said he had no comment to make in reaction to the latest controversy.

What a loser.

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