Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dershowitz clobbers Finkelstein, "Rabbi" Lerner

Professor Alan Dershowitz gets his meat hooks out for DePaul's University's Norman Finkelstein, as well as "Rabbi" Michael Lerner in today's FrontPage Magazine.

Finkelstein is a political science professor at DePaul, and he's the Chicago school's resident holocaust minimizer.

Last month I wrote an article called "Norman Finkelstein’s Obscenities," a response to Finkelstein’s latest screed, "Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination?" As the title of the article suggests, Finkelstein puts forward in his article what he believes to be a justification for my assassination as a war criminal, based on my support for Israel.

Nor was this the only obscenity in the article. Not by a long shot. As I wrote in my article, Finkelstein piece was accompanied by a:

cartoon drawn by "Latuff," a frequent accomplice of Finkelstein. The cartoon portrayed me as masturbating in rapturous joy while viewing images of dead Lebanese civilians on a TV set labeled "Israel peep show," with a Jewish Star of David prominently featured.

And now over to "Rabbi" Michael Lerner. Using a broad definition of the term, he could be a rabbi.

From Discover The Network:

Though Lerner identifies himself as a duly ordained rabbi, many of his critics dispute that claim - on grounds that he was given a controversial private rabbinic ordination by "Jewish Renewal" rabbis, whose ordinations are recognized only by those within the Jewish Renewal community and Reconstructionist Judaism. Orthodox Judaism, the Reform movement's Central Conference of American Rabbis, and the Conservative movement's Rabbinical Assembly all consider such ordinations invalid.

Now back to Dershowitz:

I found out recently that Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder and editor of Tikkun magazine, has been circulating the Finkelstein article from his Tikkun e-mail account and under Tikkun letterhead. Lerner apparently didn't have the stomach to attach the cartoon, despite the fact that the inspiration for the disgusting cartoon comes directly from what Finkelstein writes in the article circulated by Rabbi Lerner, as I showed in my previous article:

Finkelstein, as Dershowitz has noted, is a big pal of Noam Chomsky, Hugo Chavez' favorite author.

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