Sunday, August 27, 2006

UPDATED! Tonight! Fired DePaul professor and free speech proponent Thomas Klocek to be guest on Andrea Shea King show

There is a chatrooom feature. Chat with Andrea (and friends) live!

Thomas Klocek will be the guest on the Andrea Shea King Show tonight at 10pm Eastern, 9pm Chicago time.

Klocek was a popular and respected 15 year adjunct professor at DePaul University in Chicago, the nation's largest Catholic college who was fired after a heated discussion with some Muslim students outside of the classroom.

Constitutional Public Radio broadcasts from Orlando, Florida on AM 580 WDBO. If you don't live there, you can listen on the internet.

Regular visitors to Marathon Pundit have read about the Klocek case. Now you have the opportunity to hear it from the professor's own words.

Andrea and her producer Mark have their own blog, Radio Patriots.

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