Thursday, August 24, 2006

New York Sun on the Dems jihad against Wal-Mart

The New York Sun is the latest publication to scratch its heads in bewilderment regarding the obsession among many Democratic politicians to tear down Wal-Mart at any opportunity.

Who is driving the ‘Anti-Wal-Mart' campaign?

Wal-Mart has recently been named by Black Enterprise magazine as one of the country's top companies for diversity. The firm was also celebrated this year by Diversity Inc., Asian Enterprise Magazine, the National Association of Women, Black MBA Magazine, Careers & The Disabled Magazine and by Hispanic Magazine for similar accomplishments.

This is the company that Democrats are campaigning against?

Wal-Mart employs 1.2 million Americans, is one of the most successful companies in the country's history, has by itself lowered the cost of living for all Americans, has inspired competitors to do the same, has improved the efficiency of American retailing and manufacturing at a time that most industries were reeling from intense foreign competition, and is currently pushing an extensive array of environmental initiatives.

This is the company that Democrats are campaigning against?

Yes, it sure is. The author of the Sun opinion piece, Liz Peek, mentions later in the article that the driving force is of course what's left of the labor movement.

I'd like to add that although unions are a smaller player in the nation's political (and economic) sphere than they were in the their glory days in the 1950s, they are consistent funders for Democratic politicians of all shapes and sizes, and they do supply a bloc of fairly reliable voters for the Dems, especially in down-the-ticket races such as state legislator.

At some point, the opponents of Wal-Mart are going to have to give up. Although the mega-retailer has taken some hits from the anti-Wal Mart drive primarily led by the United Food & Commercial Workers (Wake Up Wal-Mart), and that janitors' union, the Service Employees International Union, (Wal-Mart Watch), we won't be waking up in this century with a unionized Wal-Mart operating in all 50 states.

As they exist now, Wake Up Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Watch are costly ventures for UFCW and SEIU. The dues paying members of these unions are going to want to see some results beyond issuing dozens of press releases each month and having hack liberals like Evanston's Jan Schakowsky tell them how great they are.

Hat tip to my friend Marshall Manson at Edelman Public Relations.

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