Friday, July 21, 2006

Klocek petition update

The Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) petition to reinstate Professor Thomas Klocek at DePaul continues to draw signatures, reaching the milestone of 1300 today. The broad range of respondents includes:

Cambridge University Professor David Abulafia, who says, "These are the methods of the Spanish Inquisition. Others can say whether they breach the US Constitution, but I am sure they do."

USN Lieutenant Haakon B. Dahl, who says, "Busted. Put him back, or accept the label of cowards."

Harvard Assistant Professor Selwyn Oskowitz, MD., who says, "The university is one sided in its action to appease one sector who were also not academic in what they pronounced.:

DePaul University Professor Morry Fiddler , who says, "If I'm not there for a colleague, then who will be there for me?"

DePaul Alumn Jennifer Moore, who says, "Professor Thomas Klocek was one of my favorite faculty members…The punishment he has gone through already is unjustified but in the eyes of those that know him will not damage this great educator's credibility."

New York University Associate Professor Dov Fried, who says, "As Joseph Welch said…Have you no sense of decency?"

Writer Paul Bogdanor "What kind of university fires Thomas Klocek (who defends Israel) while continuing to employ Norman G. Finkelstein (who defends Hezbollah and al-Qaeda)? "

And finally, Loyola student Jerome Bartholomew, who says, "Hey DePaul! God called, he wants his university back!"

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