Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hate crime in Seattle--One dead, five wounded in synagogue shooting

Yesterday's Seattle synagogue murder rampage is so blatantly a hate-crime that there is no way the media can overlook the obvious.

From AP:

A lone gunman burst into a Jewish organization in downtown Seattle on Friday, killing one woman and wounding five others in what authorities were calling a hate crime.

Police said the gunman had been arrested without a struggle inside the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, where the shooting took place, and was being questioned by police.

The gunman is a U.S. citizen, and police said initial contacts with him by phone while he was inside the building indicated that he was a Muslim.

The incident reminds me, and Michelle Malkin as well, of the July 4, 2002 El Al ticket booth shooting at LAX that left three dead.

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