Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This can't be good...Sudanese president in Iran

Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the president of thug-state Sudan, arrived in Tehran earlier today for "talks with high-ranking Iranian officials," the Tehran Times is reporting.

More from the same article:

Al-Bashir’s visit to Tehran indicates the significance both Iran and Sudan attach to solving the problems of the Islamic world.

It gets worse...

Although the United States and Britain have attempted to exaggerate the Darfur crisis, the problem can be managed through humanitarian efforts, without the interference of Western powers.

The Sudanese government has spared no effort to solve the Darfur crisis, but the European Union and the U.S. have exacerbated the regional crisis through their illogical interference.

Earlier this year, FrontPage Magazine's Frederick W. Stakelbeck wrote about the emerging Iran-Cuba Axis.

This Christian Science Monitor article from February discusses the growing coziness between Venezuela and Iran.

Did someone say Belarus?

Last week there was an article, Belarusian leader Lukashenko wants to boost trade with Iran, that appeared in the Russian News and Information Agency site.

An excerpt:

The president of Belarus said Friday the former Soviet republic was seeking to expand trade ties with Iran, while Tehran said the two countries had much in common in many areas.

Iran seems to be gathering its friends. Kind of like what Jimmy Neutron's nemesis, King Goobot, did when he formed The League of Villains.

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