Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blogaholics Anonymous may be coming

Of course, a person can spend too much time online and too much time reading blogs. (Marathon Pundit being an exception, of course.)

Catherine Ellsworth in the Daily Telegraph writes on this probably-soon-to-be-on-Oprah affliction.

Some of my friends with self-diagnosed "blog issues" worry they devour too many "bad" and not enough "good" blogs and put themselves on corrective (ie "celebrity-free") diets to weed out the junk. Others fear they spend too much time reading blogs full stop and try to work somewhere without internet connection, though this can prove counterproductive when so much of modern work requires access to email and the web.

According to health professionals, there is such as thing as too much blog time. Speaking to experts recently about so-called internet addiction, it was interesting to hear "onlineaholism" described as being as dangerous as drug dependency or alcoholism. Many net addicts were risking their health, careers and relationships, experts such as Dr Hilarie Cash, founder of Internet/Computer Addiction Services in Redmond, Washington, told me.

And as James Thurber once wrote, yes, you could look it up. There really is such a thing as Internet/Computer Addiction Services.

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