Monday, March 27, 2006

Fatina Abdrabboh: Missing Boston Marathoner

Last year Harvard grad student Fatina Abdrabboh wrote what Michelle Malkin called the stupidest op-ed ever, and a this ridiculous piece of tripe.

The New York Times published that op-ed, in which hijab-adorned Fatina describes working out in a Cambridge gym, feeling depressed because people stare at her because she wears a hijab, and that America is mean because of the Patriot Act. Really Mean. But her faith in America is renewed when some kind American picks up the keys she dropped and hands them to her.

And it just happened to be Al Gore in the gym who found the keys.

Undaunted by the inauspicious start as a newspaper guest columnist, Fatina reached another millstone with this Christian Science Monitor op-ed

In that article, Fatina describes the horror she experienced when a woman rolled up the driver's side window of her car when Fatina asked her for directions to Cambridge. Fatina automatically assumed it was because the woman in the other vehicle was repelled by her hijab.

Possibly. But then, maybe the other driver didn't know how to get to Cambridge.

Here is the paragraph from her Monitor op-ed that interests me for this post:

Why is my stance on terrorism my only defining feature? Casual conversations at the grocery store, the gym, the dry cleaner all seem laser-guided, by the way I look, to Islam and terrorism - and never to those everyday conversations that might revolve around other aspects of my life like how I like my Harvard classes, my training for the Boston Marathon, or my recent obsession with my stock portfolio.

A ha! The Boston Marathon. The 110th edition of the world's greatest running race takes place in three weeks. And Fatina hasn't registered for the race.

The Boston Marathon is the one race where runners have to run a pretty elusive qualifying time to be eligible to run in it. And Fatina, according to, hasn't run a marathon within the Boston qualifying period that began in September 2004.

Yes, the race organizer, the Boston Athletic Association, does have a back-door entry method for runners raising money for charities.

But one thing is for sure. Fatina isn't entered in the 2006 Boston Marathon.

The BAA is still accepting applications, but I ran with a group of guys yesterday who were running their final 20-miler in preparation for the Boston race.

What are you waiting for, Fatina?

Ms. Abdrabboh is a winner of Ankle Biting Pundits coveted "Buffoon of the Week" award.

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