Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some more about the Weather Underground

Bill Baar dug deep to find more on the 1960s domestic terror group the Weather Underground. A lefty site called Sunrise Dancer has a good summary on the Days of Rage.

Here is a key paragraph:

According to law‑enforcement records, there were a total of 284 arrests, 40 of them on felony charges, and several serious injuries; bail charges exceeded $1.5 million. Of those arrested, 104 were college students, mostly from the Midwest and New York. Another 20 were high‑school students, and the rest were either part‑time or full‑time activists. Fifty‑seven police were hospitalized and over one million dollars of damage was caused to property in the city of Chicago.

Brian Flanagan, who was implicated in the assault on Richard Elrod, owns a bar in New York. Couldn't Columbia University find a place for him?

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