Monday, December 26, 2005

Tehran Times digs up another Nazi lover

Some Canadian guy named Paul Fromm is featured in today's Tehran Times, and he's another of the Norman Finkelstein ilk who claims that Jews are using the holocaust for financial gain and political power. The Jew-hating at the Tehran Times has increased of late. Not a good sign going in to 2006.

Here's a quote of his:

The holocaust religion serves the purpose of controlling people. It buys Israel substantial immunity from criticism. It allows special treatment of Jews in most Western countries. It allows Jews to have disproportionate control of the media and the economy in Western countries, while all the while portraying themselves as a persecuted minority. Discussion of the holocaust would undermine the privileged and powerful position Zionists hold in most Western countries. Therefore, anyone discussing or questioning aspects of the holocaust story must be silenced.

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