Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005's top local stories: Cross blogging with the Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn

As I've noted before, Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune is an MSM reporter who understands new media. Last month, I contributed on Eric's Change of Subject blog for his November Month in Review posting.

Eric asked a whole bunch of Illinois bloggers to take part in his year-in-review entry on his site. Below is my view of things, Illinois-wise, in 2005. For the lesser-known stories, I've added links.

Top story: The Chicago White Sox end 88 years of World Series championship-free baseball in Chicago.

2) The various scandals involving the Governor Rod Blagojevich's administration.

3) The various scandals involving Mayor Richard Daley's City Hall.

4) The corruption trial of former Governor George Ryan.

5) The near-perfect season for the University of Illinois men's basketball team.

5) The scrum of Illinois Republicans lining up to run for statewide office in 2006.

6) The Chicago Bears coming out of hibernation.

7) The unraveling of Hollinger International (parent company of the Chicago Sun-Times).

8) The East St. Louis vote fraud convictions.

9) Campus free speech controversy comes to Illinois: Professor Jonathan Bean at Southern Illinois University, Former Professor Thomas Klocek of DePaul, and Ward Churchill's speech at DePaul.

10) Barack Obama's first year in Washington.

Look Eric's 2005 posting here.

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