Monday, November 28, 2005

My fall road trip: The Platte River

"A mile and a mile deep" is what I remember hearing in school about the Platte River of Nebraska. It's pretty shallow, but no where near a mile wide. I'm sure that was just an exaggeration, but the Platte has shrunk in the recent decades. Supplying irrigation water for dry farm lands to the west has diminished the Platte, and the growing population of Colorado has also contributed to the shrunken waterway.

The Platte River was very important in the development of the American West. Several of the pioneer trails paralleled the path of the Platte. The first Transcontinental Railroad, the Lincoln Highway and Interstate 80 all were laid along the swath of the Platte River valley.

I took this picture at the southern end of Sarpy County, near South Bend, Nebraska.

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