Friday, November 25, 2005

Muhammad al-Harbi update

Found this on Roger L. Simon's site.

This is the third time I've blogged about the case of Saudi high school chemistry teacher, Mohammed al-Harbi.

A summary, from NewsMax:

A teacher in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 40 months in jail and 750 lashes for discussing the Bible and praising Jews.

Secondary school teacher Mohammed al-Harbi, who will be flogged in public, was taken to court by his colleagues and students, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Madina.

He was charged with promoting a "dubious ideology, mocking religion, saying the Jews were right, discussing the Gospel and preventing students from leaving class to wash for prayer,” the newspaper disclosed.

Last week a U.S. State Department report criticized Saudi Arabia for its religious intolerance, saying religious freedoms "are denied to all but those who adhere to the state-sanctioned version of Sunni Islam.”

In Saudi Arabia the public practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden, only Muslims can be Saudi citizens and non-Muslims cannot enter Mecca, Islam’s holy city.

A site supporting al-Harbi is up, you can find the site here.

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