Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ward Churchill's DePaul audio available here

Courtesy of Grant Crowell's Walking Eagle Productions. Grant is just, well great.

What I've heard below completely corroborates the prior two posts about Ward Churchill's October 20 speech at Chicago's DePaul University.

Among the things I've heard on the recording, is that Ward Churchill claims he is not a Marxist.

He's right. After listening to the tape, Ward Churchill is a Benito Mussolini style fascist.

This first link is the only one I could open, it's a bit muffled. Turn it up! 11 mb

I couldn't open up the second link this evening. 48mb. Better luck tomorrow?

As for the first link, 15 minutes into it, Ward begins speaking, but like Der Fuehrer, he has a booming voice and you can easily make out what the Fake Indian has to say, or make that, emit.

To quote one of the "friendlies" who was lucky enough to get in, that individual left this voice mail message on my cell phone.

"Well, let me begin with this: "It was pretty horrible."

But worth listening to at the earliest opportunity.

Time again for my "Moby Dick" moment,
"From Hell's heart, I stab at thee..."

UPDATE 9:27 AM October 28: Andrew at the Mental Ward (Chuchill) has a cleaned up, audio version here.

Tomorrow, he promises to chop it up into tasty sound bites.

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