Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Mental Ward (Churchill) has a video from the Ward Churchill protest at DePaul

Andrew Marcus is yet another blogger I had the pleasure of meeting Thursday at the Ward Churchill protest at DePaul University.

Here in the Chicago area, there are rumblings of a blogger get-together....more on that if it happens.

In my first post this morning, I wrote about the woman I called "Lefty Gal." Well, you can see her in action, using the "F" word--get the kids out of the room--as she confronts a nice gentleman (he was nice to me) wearing a Rush "Club G'itmo" shirt.

Rush, send royalties to Andrew's blog, The Mental Ward (Churchill).

And here is that video, Resist or Die.

And you can listen to that chant, too, "The world can't wait, drive out the Bush Regime."

Once again, I'm not clear on how the counterprotesters connect the Ward Churchill protest to President Bush's policies.

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