Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ill. Governor Rod Blagojevich and the World Series

Got this e-mail from Third Wave Dave...all the way from California.

Really enjoyed your post about the Governor at the WS.

(That was a post based on Gov. Blagojevich reportedly being booed and pelted with trash outside Sox Park, courtesy of DownLeft.)

I enjoyed it so much, I called his press office in Springfield and asked the following questions:

1. It's traditional for opposing Governors to bet something on the outcome of the WS. Does the Illinois Gov and the Texas Gov have a bet?

2. Will the Illinois Governor be attending game 3 in Texas this evening?

Answer to both questions was "NO." And they were rather rude too.

Thought you might like to add this tidbit to your blog. Take care.

Of course, this is the same governor who wrote... ``bleeds Cubby blue and wouldn't wear a White Sox cap even if they made the World Series.''

Meanwhile, the veto session of the Illinois State Legislature is underway. More on that...and Blago....later.

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