Monday, October 31, 2005

DePaul's Norman Finkelstein: "This whole claim of the new anti-Semitism is a complete fraud"

Yes, he said that.

Meanwhile at DePaul (see below) post, Professor Norman Finkelstein, holocaust minimizer, has seemingly more free speech than suspended Professor Thomas Klocek.

Finkelstein is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Chicago's DePaul University.

From the Palestine Chronicle, an excerpt:

Palestine chronicle--What do you consider the most effective example of the "new anti-Semitism" on American public opinion?

Finkelstein: There are a large number of claims circulating about rampant anti-Semitism on college campuses. When you go actually go through the records, talk to the schools, speak to the deans and so forth, all of these claims turn out to be fraudulent. There's just no record of this so-called rampant anti-Semitism on college campuses.

The most striking example is Columbia University where there was huge hysteria, newspaper editorials, and local politicians all calling for professors at Columbia's Middle East Center to be fired. The president eventually was forced to create an ad hoc committee to look into the charges and after all this hysteria and demands that these professors be fired, all that they could find was in one case in one instance in one day in one classroom after the invasion of Jenin in April 2002. A professor responded heatedly to a student who was defending Israeli tactics. That was it. On the other hand, they did find that pro-Israel outsiders were disrupting the classrooms of these professors, secretly video-taping their lectures and being turned, as the Columbia Report put it, into informers for the pro-Israel lobby. The real story was the harassment of professors who were critical of Israeli policy.

Or course, Klocek is not Jewish and claims of anti-Semitism figuring into the Klocek incident would be a stretch. What is going on at Columbia and DePaul, for certain, is pushing a Pro-Arab, Pro-Muslim viewpoint at the expense of a Jewish or Israeli one.

To state otherwise would be disingenuous, but not I'm certain, disingenuous to the hard-Left and Muslim apologists such as CAIR.

Finkelstein is just dead wrong about Columbia, click here for information on the documentary "Columbia Unbecoming."

Columbia recently established the Edward Said Chair at the Ivy League school, a position funded in part by the United Arab Emirates.

DePaul has a large Muslim student population, as noted here by the American Thinker. Also, on my October 20 visit to DePaul, this by no means is a scientific observation, but heck, I saw a lot of Muslim students--wearing hijabs or kufis--at the Lincoln Park campus of the Catholic university.

In DePaul's case, they're simply pandering to a growing constituency there.

Again, to quote Thomas Klocek, "Free speech is a one way street at DePaul and other universities."

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