Thursday, September 22, 2005

More from the Solomonia "DePaul's Albatross" posting

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Solomonia had a great post on his blog, "DePaul's Albatross", about Norman Finkelstein, a DePaul professor the Anti-Defamation League has called a holocaust denier.

This part of Sol's post actually comes from JAT, the Jewish Action Task Force. I was unable to find the original link, so what I've cut-and-pasted has come from Sol's blog.

JAT has an action item that's also a very good resource. I paste large portions of it here:

SUBJ: Anti-Semitism at De Paul University

In the past three years, De Paul university has:

  • hired a notoriously anti-Semitic and unscholarly professor;
  • fired a professor for advocating a factual approach to the Middle East; and
  • sponsored an anti-Semitic art exhibit with "scholarly" captions that misstate history.

Write to the President of DePaul University asking that he convene a panel of disinterested scholars from other universities to look into the situation at DePaul and to determine why the university has three times taken positions antithetical to the high standards of scholarly rigor expected of American Universities. And ask why in these three cases where Jewish issues were involved, the commitment to uphold evidence-based standards of fact was ignored.
I'm going to remove the contact info and suggested letter. No sense in posting it here. If you'd like it,
subscribe to the JAT list and email the team.

Or you can e-mail DePaul's president at

The anti-Semitic professor JAT is referring to is of course Norman Finkelstein, Thomas Klocek is the suspended professor, and you can learn more about anti-Semitic art exhibit here.

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