Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Geosciblog, great blog, especially on Hurricanes

If you want some Hurricane blogging with a healthy dose of conservative politics, "Joe Six Pack's" Geosciblog is the place to visit. And he's a huge fan of The Who.

By the way, one of the great things about blogging is bloggers can bring their expertise into the "marketplace of ideas," no matter how seemingly trivial. Again, that's no matter how seemingly trivial.

Joe can use his knowledge of weather science in a way few mainstream reporters can. My marathon running has come in handy on a few occasions, as John Kerry found out last year on my "Blue States for Bush" site. Betsy of "Betsy's Page" is a teacher, Pat Curley of Brainster is an expert on comic books, Peoria Pundit lives in Peoria, and therefore knows if it plays in Peoria, it'll probably play it'll play anywhere in the USA.

Groucho Marx made that last observation, and I'm not going to question Groucho on anything.

Third Wave Dave lives in central California, and was able to bring his own insight on the busting of the Lodi, CA jihadist cell.

Outside of their local media there, does anyone seriously think many mainstream reporters live anywhere near Lodi?

Blogging is important, blogging is here to stay, blogging is changing the world.

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