Saturday, September 17, 2005

Doh! Prison locked down after warden loses keys

From AP:

Prisoners at the Jacksonville Correctional Center in central Illinois spent four days on lockdown after an assistant warden lost a set of keys.

The set of about ten keys, which was still missing Friday, included a master key that opens doors to cell houses and two prison wings.The "high minimum security" institution of 1,400 male inmates was locked down from last Friday until Monday after a search failed to turn up the keys.

"We don't believe this poses a serious threat to the safety of the facility," Illinois Department of Corrections spokesman Sergio Molina said.The keys could have been lost between April 8 and last Friday, Molina said. They were not necessarily lost at the prison and were authorized to be taken home.

The department is investigating and disciplinary action may be possible, Molina said.

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