Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sailor gets her running in: On the deck of an aircraft carrier

Maggie DeLany claims to be a non-runner, but she must be hooked, since she tries to get in thirty minute run on the deck of the aircraft she's serving on.

Interesting excerpt from Maggie's Runner's World article:

Surrounded by the stunning blue water of the Pacific, I have unlimited scenery. I've been able to run overlooking Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima and Mt. Fuji near Tokyo. I've run overlooking the small, unnamed islands to the northeast of Australia and the hills around Dili, in East Timor.

To the untrained eye, the flight deck can appear easy, like a flat track. This is completely untrue. The winds and seas provide all the actual and perceived hills one could want, and the aircraft chained on the flight deck offers the hazards of a cross-country course. The Sailors and Marines who flock to be outside make the flight deck as crowded as Central Park.

But Maggie's favorite running scenery is the blue ocean itself.

On a personal note, the Chicago Marathon is less than two months away, so I'll be sneaking in a few running posts here and there.

Look for a post in the next few days on the Jeff Galloway method of training. What will I write? Let's just say that Jeff won't be linking back to Marathon Pundit.

Robb Kestner of Running at the Mouth has his insight on Galloway here.

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