Friday, July 29, 2005

East St. Louis vote fraud follow up: Dem county chairman claims no knowledge of vote buying scheme

From East Chicago to East St. Louis, it's Democratic Vote Fraud Day!

From the Belleville News-Democrat, (note that the party affiliation IS mentioned in this article):
St. Clair County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Robert Sprague said the money he distributed before the Nov. 2 election was intended to get out the vote, not buy it.

In a response faxed Wednesday afternoon to the News-Democrat, Sprague wrote: "I was not aware that any of the committeemen that I paid intended to break the law. I paid over 200 committeemen to distribute campaign material, hire drivers and workers for Election Day.

The article goes on to explain that two days before the November general election, $73,000 in checks was passed out by Chairman Sprague to East St. Louis Democratic precinct committeemen. One of those committeeman, now awaiting sentencing, feels Sprage should also face a jury.

I did a little research, and discovered that East St. Louis had just 31,542 residents when the 2000 census was done.

For such a modest-sized community, a traditional--and legal--get out the vote drive wouldn't seem to require such a large amount as $73,000.

How do you respond to that, Chairman Sprague?

UPDATE August 2: Mark in Mexico has uncovered other "hotspots" of Democratic Party vote fraud in 2004

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